Thursday, 8 September 2016

There is a trend around these parts. I see it everyday. girls in my town getting roped into these pop up nail salons that seem to be all over the place. They catch you with cheap prices, walk-ins , and quick appointments. DON'T BE FOOLED. Time and time again I've had to tell new clients who have gone to said salons that yes, even though you asked for gel and they said it was gel- IT. WASN'T. GEL!!! Thats fine if you wanted acrylic- but i find when I have these conversations the girls are upset they were tricked and lied to. You really have to ask yourself if your nail health and dignity is worth the savings? What is the point on getting cheaper nails if they don't last as long, or if they look a mess? You get what you pay for- and no talented nail tech with the correct certifications will be working for pennies. The answer isn't only at home salons- there are plenty of qualified nail salons here in Canada, just do your research and don't be cheap! Nail health is important. Do the research.